We provide professionals with the knowledge, partnerships and market insights needed for further improvement and growth. Bingo Traders provides professional Training and Consultancy to bring world-class performance to the assistants, office managers, PA’s, admins, executives, leaders, managers and executive assistants for better enhanced work performance and better management required by organisations through the development and implementation of strategies, techniques, processes and systems.

Corporate Learning

Open Enrollment Courses.

We offer a diverse selection of open enrollment courses held at global venues including Doha, Wien, Istanbul, Tehran, Muscat, Algiers, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. Topics include Management, Leadership, Strategy and more.

In House and Custom Courses.

Get focused content: Choose an existing course from the Bingo Traders list; Choose modules for a tailored approach. Your training can target the most current trends and technics affecting your organization and people. Confidentiality is ensured, so you can tackle department hot buttons in private.

Our Open Enrollment courses can be delivered in house at your premises at a time that suits you. For a more focused training, we will work with you to develop and deliver a course tailored to reflect the specific needs of your organisation.

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obligation toward the good of society, education, Improvement, growth and building future.

Millions of children live in tattered rags because they can’t afford decent clothing to protect them from freezing temperatures or the hot sun.

You can help protect every child. Every child is a gift from God and should feel safe and loved. Yet over half of the world’s children experience some form of violence every year, including sexual assault, gang violence, domestic abuse, early…

care and protection to children

Book of the Week

The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook: A best practice guide for all secretaries, PAs, office managers and executive assistants

The second edition of The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook is the ultimate guidebook and “friend” for all management assistants, PAs, EAs, secretaries and office managers. Written by best-selling author and former UK Times Creme/DHL PA of the Year, Sue France, this book places special emphasis on professional development, providing help and advice on the skills necessary for career progression.  Chapters deal with:

-Relationship management
-Communication, listening and questioning skills
-Confidence, self-belief and goal setting
-The secrets of body language
-Coping with pressure and stress
-Dealing with difficult people and managing conflict
-Time management and personal organization
-Presentation skills

Now including a comprehensive checklist for managing events, as well as minute-taking templates…Continue Reading

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App of the Week


Clockify is a straightforward time tracker and timesheet that allows you to get your job done productively. It lets you and your team track the working hours across various projects. With its timer, you could track how long the assistants are working. Under timekeeping capability, other features include tracking hour using a timer, categorizing time by project, and marking time as billable.

What makes this an efficient tool for executive assistants is that it is able to breakdown the time spend visually. Through customizable reports, you could see how long you have been working. You could even use Clockify for team activities, allowing you to set hourly rates, see who worked on what, and others.

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