Investing in jobs or relationships is often a matter of course. With other people involved in the decision, it’s generally easy to find the motivation and support to do so. However, this can mean that the time and effort needed for your own growth is taken up by other things, and your own personal development is shifted down the priority list. 

For your future satisfaction and happiness, the importance in investing in yourself can’t be underestimated. Here’s why. 

Why investing in yourself is so important

The most valuable asset you have isn’t a house, job, or relationship. Instead, it’s the one thing that’s often taken for granted – yourself. Who you are and the skills you have determine everything about you, from the connections you create to the decisions you make. They mold your future more than anything else in this world. 

Without putting time, energy, and money into yourself, nothing will change or get better. Investing in yourself wisely allows you to change how the future proceeds. 

It also reminds yourself that you are someone who’s worth investing in, as you have value and potential. With effort and perseverance, you can develop who you are and become more self-confident. 

Valuable ways to invest in yourself

There are many different ways you can invest in yourself. However, for best results there are four main areas you should consider. 

1. Developing skills

Whether it’s skills relating to a job, topics you find interesting, or something that will help you with a career change, developing your abilities gives you something solid to pull on in different scenarios. 

Consider taking courses, read books, or watch videos that teach you how to develop skills that are useful to you. Focus on ones that will have the widest impact. For example, strong emotional intelligence skills will benefit you in both your personal and professional life. 

2. Creativity

Everything from music, art and storytelling touch on the creative side of your brain. Picking up a hobby that allows you to explore without bounds gives your brain a chance to relax and have fun. Creativity can bring you joy, but it also helps improve your ability to think outside the square and come up with more innovative solutions to problems you might encounter. 

3. Physical

Taking up a dance class, trying yoga or joining a gym is a great way to invest in yourself. Health is vital to everything, and putting devoting effort to it is important, now and into the future. 

4. Mental 

Just like your body, your mind needs training too. From developing grit, to building a more positive approach to the world and a growth mindset, spending time developing your mind will pay dividends. Invest in your mental wellbeing.

If you’d like to invest in yourself and your future, it helps to have a network that’s there to support you. Reach out to other EAs, read our blog, and learn from those who understand the challenges you face. 

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