As a leader in a business setting, it is important that you are able to monitor employee productivity. You need to make sure that time is being utilized most effectively during the workday. There are many great ways to do this without seeming like an overlord. Learning to best monitor employee productivity will be a process of trial and error. Remember, some of these methods may work much better for you than others.

Have Regular Meetings

In order to keep everyone up to date on the workload that is expected from them, you need to have regular meetings. In order to have the most effective meetings, you need to make sure that your employees are voicing their opinions and concerns, too. When you aren’t keeping everyone up to date on the expectation that you have as a leader in your organization, it isn’t fair to assume that they will know how to complete all of the work you have set out for them.

Use The Latest Technologies

We live in a day and age where there are so many different technologies out there. Goal setting apps, team management apps, and project management apps are all great tools for being able to push your team to a much more productive level. Make sure that all of your employees have these apps installed on their phones. It will be easier to communicate with them and keep them on the same page.

Share Documents Throughout Your Organization

Having a Google Doc or spreadsheet that you use throughout your organization is crucial to keeping the productivity of your employees on a high level. When your employees have a document or spreadsheet where they can see all of the work that needs to get accomplished, it will give them a visual representation of the work that needs to get done in a timely manner. You will be able to push your team to a much more productive style of work when you are using these documents throughout your organization. Most of these docs and spreadsheets can be accessed through mobile devices as well. This will make it easy for employees to keep up to date on important changes in your organization.

Have One On One Meetings

One on one meetings are a very important thing to implement in your business. When you are having one on one meetings with your employees, you will be able to ask them questions about their performance. They may give you insight into reasons why they are excelling or having an issue working with your organization. Working on these issues together will help you to create a much more productive work environment for your entire organization.

Keep Cameras Around The Office

One great way to make sure that your employees aren’t goofing off at work is to install security cameras. With most security cameras, you will be able to monitor employee productivity remotely even if you aren’t at the office. This will be a great way to promote a work environment that is strictly just for getting work done.

Make Sure Your Employees Feel Safe Coming To You

You need to make sure that your employees feel safe coming to you if there is an issue with their workflow. There may be some changes that you can make internally to help them be more productive with their time. They need to understand that you have an open door policy in your personal office. If there is anything that is bothering them, they need to be able to come and tell you about this issue.

Learning how to best monitor employee productivity is something that may take a great deal of time. However, this is time that is well invested. When you learn how to monitor employee productivity without seeming like an overlord, your employees will learn to love you and you will have a much smoother workflow within your organization.

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