Dread Mondays? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, many employees are in the same boat as you. The question is: should you work to make things better or move onto a different opportunity? Here are four tips to help you as you’re making your decision:

Tip #1: Do something different outside.

If you don’t regularly spend time outdoors over the weekend, now’s the time to start. When you do, you’ll gain more energy and a more positive outlook too. So put aside your tablet and instead, head outdoors to get some Vitamin D. Pick an activity that you’ll enjoy, whether it’s hiking, swimming, cycling or something else.

Tip #2: Go to bed early Sunday night.

One reason you might dread Mondays is because of how tired you are from the weekends. Overcome this by going to bed early on Sunday nights. It’s tempting to stay up and watch your favorite show, or spend time on your phone on social media. But set all this aside and opt instead for a quiet, relaxing evening at home.

Tip #3: Plan something fun for Monday night.

Look forward to Mondays once again by planning something fun for that night, whether it’s hanging out with friends, going to dinner with family, or engaging in a favorite hobby. This will give you something fun to look forward to during the day and lessen any anxiety you might have about Monday morning.

Tip #4: Check out different opportunities.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to launch a search for a new job in the KLCC area. However, it will give you a sense of what’s open and whether any opportunities seem interesting to you. You might realize you have it pretty good with your current employer. Or you could spot some positions you’d be a great fit for that would help you get a leg up in your career. Either way, it won’t hurt.

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