When people introduce themselves to you and you don’t quite catch their name, then ask them to repeat it. If it is an unusual sounding name you might ask them to spell it for you and comment on what a nice name it is – that will help you to remember it. Use the name yourself as often as possible (without overdoing it!) as that helps you remember it – and helps build on the first impressions you make. Bear in mind that the more often you hear and see the name, the more likely it is to sink in. If the person has a card then make sure you get one, and write any appropriate information that you wish to remember on the card.

After you have left that person’s company, repeat the name in your mind several times, which helps to put it in your long-term memory. You can help yourself to remember names by associating them with images of a name or with other people (but a word of warning: be careful with this technique as it has been known to result in a Mr Pearce being called Mr Spear!). If you are particularly keen to remember someone and to remember your conversation because you are going to follow up on something, you might decide to write the name down and make notes.

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