You can manage your state of mind before you enter a room to make a great first impression, thereby creating self-confidence and being prepared for any meeting where you feel you need to influence and persuade.

If you are feeling nervous before you enter the room, take several deep breaths to get the oxygen circulating around your body and you will instantly feel calmer. You can manage your state of mind by thinking of a time when you have been particularly successful and full of confidence in either a business or personal situation. You should think back to that time and recreate the feeling you had then. Think about how you were standing and how you were breathing (from the abdomen or upper chest?). What were you thinking? How did you feel? You should fully experience how you felt in the past experience and keep those feelings of success and confidence when you enter the room and during your meeting.

Before you enter the room, relax your facial muscles as it is impossible to feel anxious when your muscles are relaxed, and when you enter the room your smile will appear genuine after relaxing the muscles. Your eyes should be smiling as well as your mouth – if it is not a genuine smile then you will not be trusted. It is impossible to feel sad when you smile, and smiling is contagious as people will always smile back. Smiling shows a pleasant personality and people like to be around people who are happy. Smiling will help you to appear warm, open, friendly, confident and approachable – even when feeling nervous.

As you confidently knock on the door and walk in, you should hold your head up, put your shoulders back and smile as you look into the eyes of the people in the room. If there is only one person then focus on that person. If, however, you enter a room with your head down, avoiding eye contact, you 10 The definitive personal assistant and secretarial handbook may be considered as lacking in self-confidence. Remember to breathe deeply, making sure it is not shallow breathing in the upper chest, which is where you breathe when feeling anxious and stressed.

Visualization techniques are used by top athletes to help get them in the right frame of mind for any situation where they want to succeed. You should visualize yourself entering confidently into the room, having a successful meeting, getting on well with the boss and building instant rapport with ease and confidence. Finish by visualizing the feeling that you have got what you wanted out of the meeting. The feeling that you get from that is amazing, and when you believe in yourself you can make it happen.

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