When you first meet your boss, clients or colleagues, you should shake hands in the most effective way as this makes a deep impression on people. You should confidently offer your hand to shake whilst still maintaining eye contact. Good eye contact is paramount (you cannot engage with someone properly if you are looking above their heads, down at the floor or over their shoulder). When shaking hands, make sure that you make contact at the crux between your thumb and forefinger (and not the ends of fingers) and the handshake is strong and confident, with a gentle pumping up and down of the arms once or twice at most. Be sure not to squeeze the other person’s hand too tight or hurt them by digging rings into fingers. Do not have your hand too limp or it will give the impression that you have no confidence. (However, if the other person has a limp handshake do take into consideration that there may be other reasons than lack of confidence, for example arthritis.)

Also remember to acknowledge the etiquette of handshaking of different cultures, where it may not be appropriate at all.

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Sue France / Photo on Unsplash

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