When you wake up in the morning you can choose to have a ‘can do’/‘can be’/‘will do’ happy attitude to work, to motivate yourself and say ‘I’m really looking forward to work today and am eager to get started’. If you think you cannot do something then you probably won’t be able to do it. You have to tell your subconscious mind that you can do whatever you put your mind to and you will be able to do it.

An assistant can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm and tenacity!

The alternative is to choose an attitude of ‘I really don’t want to go to work today, I just can’t be bothered!’ Which attitude do you think will help you enjoy work more? Remember – you have a choice of how you are going to react to any situation.

Attitude also includes aiming for a healthy work–life balance and you should beware of spending too much time at work and not enough time with your family and friends. Always have time for yourself too – this is important because you won’t be saying on your deathbed ‘I wish I’d gone into work more’.

Positive beliefs and intentions followed by positive actions create positive results.

Here are four things you can do to make sure that you have the most positive attitude possible under any circumstance. They will also help both to reduce stress and to build effective relationships:

 Focus on the future (rather than on the past), whatever challenge you face, including conflict. Instead of worrying about who did what and who is to blame, focus on where you want to be and what you want to do.
 Focus on the solution whenever you’re faced with a difficulty. Do not waste your time and energy reflecting on the problem, whose fault it is or why it happened. Solutions are positive and problems are negative. As soon as you think in terms of solutions, you become a positive, proactive assistant.
 Look for the good in things and the positive side of any situation.

 Look for the valuable lesson in things; if something goes wrong or you make a mistake – what can you learn from it?

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