Your organisation should offer you an induction where you
can begin to learn about the business. If they don’t have such
a procedure and you are just thrown in at the deep end, make

it your business to get your own induction, and later to take on a project for putting an induction procedure together (as a new joiner you will know exactly what is needed). This will exceed expectations and help others – you will also quickly become an ‘expert’ on the company and you will be respected for your endeavors by your boss and peers.

In order to do your job effectively and to understand your boss’s needs, study the culture of your new organisation, talk to many different people and find out all you can about the business and the industry you work in. Study the technological words and abbreviations, policies and practices of your company. You will need to learn all about the protocol, processes and systems in place and obtain any relevant training to help you fulfil your role.

‘One of the most important things you can do is to keep well informed and up to date about the business sector you work in, trends in your company and changes in technology.’
Gillian Richmond, European Chairperson for
European Management Assistants

Identify people who can help you in your role, and start building your network of relationships at work. Find opportunities to interact and get to know people. You should spend time with them either by organizing a meeting or spending a lunch or coffee break with them. When you interact with your new colleagues, be friendly and approachable, showing a genuine interest in their work, and think about the impression you are making.

You can bring in your own experiences and expertise in areas that you could possibly improve on. You may look at things differently from the ways they have always been done. However, you should be flexible; adapt some of your ways and compromise on some areas if your boss/organisation stipulates the way certain things have to be done.

‘I believe our role is to assist the boss in whatever ways we can, in order to free them for more billable work. I think we need to drop our attitude of not wanting to do menial tasks, such as answering the phones, opening and date-stamping mail, even getting water or coffee for the boss, and so on. Screening calls can greatly help a boss’s concentration.’
Janita C Sullivan, President,
Legal Secretaries International Inc

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