In order to build excellent effective relationships and understand others, it is important that you understand yourself first.

To find out your strengths and weaknesses, complete the ‘Personal strengths assessment’ form in Appendix 1, which can also be downloaded from koganpage . Once you have completed it and transferred your scores, you will have an overall picture of how you perceive yourself. You can pat yourself on your back for the areas where you are confident and competent, and you should plan to concentrate on any weaknesses by reading this book and setting goals.

Appendix 2 features a ‘Personal development’ form, which you can also download from koganpage . It should be used to help you to understand yourself better, and to help you focus on your personal development/ learning and training requirements. It will help you identify 6 The definitive personal assistant and secretarial handbook gaps in your skills and experience, and find ways to fill them.

You will be able to reflect on past experiences and focus on learning outcomes; the end product will be that you will be motivated, your self-confidence will be boosted and your self-esteem will be much higher. This will hopefully lead to a satisfying and successful career as well as excellent working relationships. You can use this personal development plan in your appraisal meetings and to help you in career management.

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