A woman from Sydney, Australia, got a lot more than she bargained for when she tried to sell an autographed copy of President Trump’s book The Art of the Deal on Facebook.

The book made Trump famous, but was actually written by Tony Schwartz according to the publisher and ghost writer Schwartz.

The woman, Stefanie Isakidis, posted her offer on several Facebook community pages hoping to sell the book for a quick $500 AU (about $350 in US dollars).

But things didn’t go according to plan as her post was met with a torrent of brutal comments telling her just what she could do with her signed book.

“Autographed by Donald Trump – his book ‘the art of the deal’. Book was published and autographed before he became president.”

“I was given this when I visited his office in New York City and Donald Trump personally autographed this book for me – I’ve also attached some photos of myself in his office from the day of signing.”

“Can post anywhere in Australia for $8.50 or anywhere in the world for $25. Collection available from Darlinghurst. Feel free to ask any questions about this, or request more photos (I could only attach 10). Thanks”

Isakidis told BuzzFeed News that she had acquired the book in 2011 when she was invited by Trump’s assistant, Norma Foerderer, to meet Trump after gaining some media attention for an Australian pub she operated in California.

When she flew to New York and met Trump in his Trump Tower office, she recalled:

“He was very fake friendly, like ‘Hi, Stefanie, please take a copy of my book, I hope you enjoy it.’ A bit condescending — like, ‘you can learn a thing or two about business from this.'”

She added:

“He didn’t shake my hand. I thought that was odd.”

“His personal assistant told me he never shakes anyone’s hand and shouldn’t be offended…He smelled like cleaning products. A very strong smell like Dettol.”

“And there were little bottles of hand sanitizer all over his office in random places.”

“His office was very egotistical looking. It was covered in photos of him with famous actors, world leaders, fancy cars and planes. All his expensive toys.”

“He wants everyone to know he lives large. And everyone called him Mr.Trump. Even his closest employees and advisers.”

“Norma told me I had to to refer to him as Mr. Trump only. I thought that was odd.”

“I was so tempted to yell out ‘G’day, Donny!’ He asked me what state and city I am from, and then he told me he has never been there.”

Isakidis got an immediate response after posting about the book, telling BuzzFeed:

“I’ve had over 850 comments and likes across the groups and it’s only been a few hours. Lots of ‘p*ssy’ comments. Lots of people told me to go f*ck myself.”

One commenter aptly noted that the “comments will be priceless.”

And they most certainly were.

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