You should maintain a high-level professional service to all people with whom you interact outside and inside the company. It is important that your grammar and spelling are correct as the standard of the documentation, whether it is hard copy or e-mail, is important (it is evidence of the company’s professionalism and high standards). Using the spell checker on the computer is not sufficient, so it is important to read your work for sense and grammar, whether it is sent out internally or externally. Be very careful when you are proof reading as it is easy to miss spelling mistakes and transposed letters.


Study bosses carefully to get to know their wants, needs and goals, to put yourself in their shoes. Seek to understand the pressures they are under and empathize with them, then see what you can do to alleviate pressures and solve problems. Bosses have clients, peers, subordinates and possibly their own bosses to answer to, and they may well have more than one crisis going on at any one time. Be prepared to work overtime if necessary and volunteer to do this on occasions when you know it would be appreciated. This will work in your favor, as when you need time off work it is more likely that your boss will agree to it (the law of reciprocation is quite powerful). If there is any part of their job that you can do, you should volunteer to take on the project – take on more responsibility to ease the pressures on the boss. If they can delegate, take the work on – it makes your job more interesting and more rewarding and adds to your curriculum vitae.

Tip from Sue Robson: ‘When bosses arrive at the office, either first thing in the morning or when returning from meetings, don’t stop them as they pass your desk to give them their messages and so on. Give them a few minutes to settle in instead of demanding immediate attention. They may have other things on their minds before they are ready to see you.’

Always treat others as you wish to be treated – it’s common good manners. Treat people with respect and courtesy that they deserve and you will be treated with respect too.

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