When mistakes are made many people are reluctant to apologies, fearing that admitting fault will harm their reputation, result in punishment or simply make them look foolish.
‘Honesty is the best policy’ to repair a situation, so if you make a mistake – own up (it is better than being found out) but first try to solve any problems that may arise. Then let people know what you have done, that you are sorry about it, and how you have tried to solve it. Owning up also prevents you from becoming stressed and worried about the problem. We all have bad days and we all make mistakes, and if some blame lies with you – accept it. A properly phrased and well-timed apology makes you look stronger, not weaker, by showing that you have the courage to admit your mistakes. It will help towards repairing any damage to relationships. Integrity encompasses honesty, trustworthiness and high moral values. It is vital that top assistants are seen to have integrity as they deal with highly confidential material and are trusted with information that perhaps only the chief executive officer and possibly the board have sight of. They are often the only people their bosses can confide in and can be used as a sounding board. Assistants should have a strong belief in their high moral values and the boss should be able to trust them.

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Sue France / Photo on Unsplash

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