‘Knowing and mastering everything that is important to my boss, always staying on top of everything. Knowing his next move before he has even contemplated making it himself. I keep my boss’s whole existence in my hands and the only person who knows the full extent of it is my boss. Not only does he discuss extremely sensitive and confidential business matters with me but we also talk about more private matters. He knows that I am to be trusted 100 per cent.’
Eila Sandberg

Trust, respect and discretion are really important in any relationship. You both have to be able to trust each other and this has to be earned over time by doing what you promise, by being honest and open in your relationship, by communicating effectively and by owning up to mistakes.
Bosses should be able to trust you to get on with your work even though they are not there, and be confident that you will follow all the correct procedures and policies and be as productive as you can. Quite often they don’t know the policies themselves and if they can trust that you are well informed and know what you are doing, then it’s something less for them to think about.

Trust means:
 not laying any blame;
 producing the results expected;
 providing honest feedback;
 discussing problems directly;  not talking behind people’s backs;
 doing a fair share of the work;  meeting agreed deadlines;
 sharing information and knowledge that you need;
 giving credit where it is due.

If someone ‘betrays’ your trust – check your assumptions (remember ass/u/me). ‘Betrayal’ implies that someone either intentionally did something that you did not expect or failed to do something that you did expect. If you believe a colleague has disclosed confidential information, for example, you should check your assumptions: did you clearly state that it was not to be discussed?
Keeping promises helps gain trust and respect. If you promise to call someone back by a certain time, then do so. They will remember you because few people actually do that.

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Sue France / Photo on Unsplash

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