Matching and mirroring is the term used for subtly adopting a pose and/or expression similar to the person you are talking to. As a result, the other person feels that you are ‘on the same wavelength’ and is likely to talk longer and share more information. When you do this you will find that you build rapport quickly and easily, as people like people whom they feel (subconsciously) are like them. You should match their energy, whether they cross or uncross their legs, how fast or slowly they speak, their tone of voice and even the way they are breathing (whether slow and deep or fast and shallow). It is good to leave a small gap before changing your posture to match theirs so as not to make it too obvious.

Matching and mirroring angry people

Some people shout when they get angry or are excited, or just as a habit. When matching and mirroring someone who is shouting and angry, you may match their tonality, speed, quality, loudness of voice (maybe a little lower) and body language, but do not copy their angry words or any threatening language they might use. Your gestures should be similar but not quite as flamboyant and not threatening. Once you begin to build rapport, start to bring down your own loudness, speed and so on, and they will follow.

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