Answer the phone with a smile on your face. The smile can be ‘heard’ and you will sound happy and pleasant. If you are extremely busy and getting stressed with your work, take a deep breath before you answer the phone to calm you down and make you sound normal and not anxious.
Answer the phone promptly – don’t let it ring more than three times before you answer it. Set yourself a daily challenge to attempt to answer the phone on the first ring so that callers are not kept holding on the line for longer than is necessary – they will appreciate not having their time wasted. This helps exceed expectations when you are consistent.

Always be polite, helpful and proactive when dealing with phone calls. Whenever you can, go that extra mile to help the caller or client – it always pays off and sometimes it gets back to your boss how helpful you have been. It improves the perception of the company and client relationships as well as your own reputation and relationships. Always try to help the callers when they ask for your boss.
You will often be quite capable of dealing with the call yourself and it is amazing how many times all the caller wants is some information that you can provide. Find out as much information as possible and if appropriate make notes of the call, then inform your boss as soon as possible and get back to the caller. Callers do not always realize that you can do a lot more than being just an answering machine so you have to ask probing questions. This also enables you to sit out the ‘sales calls’.

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