When you’re an A-lister who has to fly around the world several times a month, you can fall victim to some of the less desirable side-effects of travelling – namely, dehydrated ears like Chris Hemsworth.

The actor, 36, shared videos of his personal assistant and fitness trainer playing an epic prank on him during a recent flight to Tokyo to help him overcome his dry ear issues. While Chris had left his seat for a minute, his pals recorded themselves putting some moisturiser on the inside of his in-flight headphones. They told the camera: ‘Put a bit of moisturiser on the old ear… rub it in,’ adding ‘Now put them together so you can’t see it.’ They then recorded poor, poor unsuspecting Chris chucking the boobytrapped headphones on to watch something on the in-flight entertainment, and totally not getting why his mates were suddenly killing themselves laughing on either side of him. He turned to either of them, asking: ‘What?! Did you spray me?’ before realising they’d sabotaged his headphones. Chris told them: ‘Oh f**king hell! D**kheads!’ as he wiped the cream off his ears and hair.

Luckily, he saw the funny side of it, posting the evidence on Instagram and telling his followers: ‘One of the most common side effects of frequent air travel is dehydrated ears. Thanks @azzagrist @zocobodypro for always having my back…. and my ears.’ Chris is probably used to these kind of pranks, given that he’s been friends with his personal assistant Aaron Grist and fitness trainer Luke Zocchi since they all went to the same primary school when they were little.

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metro / Photo on Unsplash

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