Corporate affairs: Here we have listed some of the important office tips which one should opt to work smarter and not harder. Read ahead to know them.

Many companies often say to their employees that they should work smarter, not harder to make the most effective use of their time. Work is part of our life, which is necessary too. Due to its hectic nature, we sometimes feel work is not interesting. But this can be accomplished by working smart as stated above. As per a study, by working smart, we can produce work that is of high quality. Here we have listed 5 powerful ways to work smarter instead of harder.

1.Write your to-do list

It feels old-fashioned, but the to-do list can be a lifesaver. It provides us with a full glimpse of what work needs to be done according to your priorities. It also helps you script your day in advance. On your to-do list, note down the emails you need to send or calls you to have to make, or your important meetings which you have to attend, etc. After that, prioritise and mark the critical ones as per your need. Tip: Make sure you have your list handy and visible.

2.Say no when you need to

For many of us, it can be difficult to say NO to taking on a new project or responsibility. But it is important to say no when you have reached your limit. If you are already busy with your tightly scheduled routine, it is not wise to say yes to new things and add more work to your plate. Also, avoid over-scheduling yourself and be realistic about what you can accomplish in a single day.

3. Take some breaks

To work smart, you to be calm mentally and physically. Long hours of work can reduce our capability. Hence, as a result, we think we worked very hard and but generated little results. However, to avoid this, take some breaks, at least twice during your working hours. You can schedule 10-15 minutes of relaxation in between your major tasks. This can refresh your mind which will eventually restore your energy to keep doing your best.

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