Many of us have a fear of something – of rejection, of stepping out of our ‘comfort zone’, of failure, of being laughed at, of change, of taking risks, of not fitting in, of ‘going blank’ (especially when giving presentations), of not being worthy and so on.

FEAR stands for:

Ninety per cent of our fears are not real. They are ‘what if’ situations where we worry and nothing comes of it.

Think back to how many times you have been worried about something that never happened and how many times you had False Expectations Appearing Real! They lie deep in our subconscious and you will be able to get rid of them. Next time you feel FEAR and are worrying about something, think logically about it and reframe your beliefs: in other words, think about it in a different and positive way that makes the negative feelings disappear.

You have to become aware of your thoughts. It is your deep-rooted thoughts and beliefs that make you what you are, because thoughts affect the way you feel and the way you feel affects self-motivation, well-being and enthusiasm.

If you are a person whose ‘glass is always half-full’ as opposed to being ‘half-empty’ then it is easier to dispel negative thoughts. If you are a ‘half-empty glass’ person then you will have to work harder to get rid of your negative thoughts, but it can be done if you want to do it – and that is the key!

When we have dealt with certain situations once, our brains find it easier to deal with them the next time. You therefore need to retrain your brain to remind yourself that, no matter what happens, you will be able to deal with it because you have dealt successfully with so much before. It may have been a different kind of problem but you know you are capable and you have to tell yourself this and convince yourself of it.

You need a clear vision, a strong will and energy so that you can ignore the ‘knock backs’ and reach your goals.

List your limiting beliefs, and ask yourself: what are these beliefs doing for me? How are they stopping me from moving forward and being the person I want to be? What beliefs would I rather have? By discarding limiting beliefs for enabling ones we become empowered.

One way to build self-confidence is to face our fears and prove to ourselves that indeed we can do it. This is getting out of our comfort zone. The more we practice something, the better we become at it; and the better we feel about it, the more confident we become. Then it sits within our comfort zone and we feel confident.

The secret of confidence and self-belief is not to dwell on what has gone before and what has gone wrong in your life, but to focus on where you want to go and what you want to do – and to really believe you will get there.

When your mind tells you something many times, your heart will follow. If you want to persuade yourself that something you want can be accomplished, keep saying it to yourself and something great will happen – just by thinking positively. It works the same way if you voice something negative time after time, so be careful about what you say and think!

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Sue France / Photo on Unsplash

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