You can convince your subconscious mind that you are going to succeed by repeating your goal or your positive belief over and over again. Soon your subconscious will be telling you in your sleep that you’re going to succeed. Tell yourself that you can do something, and then keep at it until you do it. This technique requires tenacity!

Positive affirmations are the opposite of the deep-seated negative beliefs that rest in your subconscious. You have to consciously tell yourself whatever it is that you want to feel good at or about, and then it will eventually become part of your subconscious. Positive affirmations will help rid you of the negative gremlins. You have to say the positive affirmations in the present tense and not in the future tense, which would give your brain an excuse to put it off when actually you need to start believing it now! You should use a powerful tone, stressing the positivity and using words that make you feel good. You need to say it every day until you can reprogramme your brain to make it feel optimistic and positive, giving you confidence and self-esteem that in turn motivates a ‘get up and go get it’, ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude.

Affirmations will work best if you can think of the positive outcomes and benefits of believing them. Think about how affirmations will affect the way you are perceived by others, how it will make you feel when it works.

Take a negative gremlin to task, treat it as a challenge and create an affirmation to change or eliminate it. For example, when you hear ‘I’m not good enough to…’ say ‘I am good enough to…’

You could write your affirmations on Post-it notes and stick them to your fridge at home, or on your mirror so that you see them every morning and every night when you brush your teeth. You could put them somewhere in your office (but not around your screen as this is ergonomically incorrect and can make your desk look untidy). If you are a ‘visual’ person then you could make them different colors or different types of writing and draw pictures around them.

If you are an ‘auditory’ person you could record your affirmations and listen to them before you get up in the morning and/or before you go to sleep or whilst driving in your car, or say them out loud when you read them in your book or from your Post-it notes. If you prefer you could even sing them!

If you are a ‘kinaesthetic’ person, write down your feelings as well as your affirmation.

Keep on reviewing and eliminating negative gremlins until you are full of confidence and self-esteem, and ready to take on the office if not the world!

Suggested affirmation: ‘Limiting beliefs no longer rule me – I rule my limiting beliefs and everything is possible!’

In order for you to be able to do things you have to believe that you can do them, trust yourself and believe in yourself and your abilities. Your own thoughts manifest themselves into your own reality.

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