You will see people all the time who look confident because of the way they walk and talk, their attitude, the way they dress, sit, stand and deal with other people. Start to put in place some of the traits that you see in these people. As you look more confident you will start to feel more confident; as you feel more confident you will start to think more confident and in turn you will become more confident. Find out what confident-looking people think in certain situations by asking them. What goes through their head in the situations where they might feel anxious or nervous that helps them to deal with those things?

‘Remember times when you did something that gave you a sense of achievement, something that you were proud of or moments when you were praised – recall the emotions you felt. Each time you feel a sense of low self-esteem, recall the positive emotions from these positive moments.
Whatever the belief is, think about this: what would not happen for you as a negative consequence of not changing your belief? Now think about what would happen if you did change that belief – what would happen for you as a positive consequence? Which option are you prepared to, or want to, live with?’
Carmen McDougall

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