You should always ask for feedback and welcome constructive criticism, because we all see ourselves in a certain way and as doing certain things but other people perceive us differently. It is useful to have feedback from others, to take their comments on board, think seriously about them and do something about them.
Appraisals are the best time to have this discussion but you should ask for feedback at any time, especially if you have just completed a project and would like to know how it had been received. This can lead to good news or constructive feedback to help with your self-development.

When you have your appraisal there is a golden rule that nothing should be a surprise! That means you should have been receiving continuous feedback. Especially if something has not gone so well, there should have been feedback at the time it happened.

‘Communication both ways is paramount. I like to get feedback from my manager whether I have done a good or bad job; that way I can make changes if needed for next time. I have a monthly one-to-one with my manager, and she always asks me about my personal life. I like this as it means she is showing an interest in me, and I am not just a service to her.’
Siggy Reichstein

Most people do not have regular feedback processes, either because they do not realize how important it is, or because they are uncomfortable giving and receiving feedback. By missing opportunities to share necessary information, team members are prevented from capitalizing on their strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

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