For an appraisal meeting the room should be set out so that the two chairs are not separated by a table and are at 45º angles to each other. As mentioned earlier, this reduces any psychological barriers and encourages a successful meeting.
Accepting feedback in the form of either good news or constructive criticism is an important learning experience. Firstly, you have to accept and believe that constructive criticism is necessary for you to be successful. Feedback is someone else’s opinion, so you are allowed to accept or reject it as long as you have good reason.
Allow the appraiser to complete what s/he is saying; wait at least three seconds before responding as opposed to reacting.
Keep your emotions under control and stay calm. Try not to take criticism as a personal attack; it is about your work not you and it is about improving your performance.
If people have given you constructive criticism, it should be backed up with examples/proof and not just reflect subjective feelings. If they have not given any examples then ask for them. If they have not got any and you disagree with the feedback, then say so. Follow the rules on being assertive that you will find in Chapter 4 on ‘Dealing with difficult people and managing conflict’.
Finally, thank the person for the feedback. It is up to you whether you choose to act on it, consider it or simply ignore it. If you wish to act on it, then you can update your goals and your personal development plan.
Remember life is not a dress rehearsal! When opportunities to learn arise, seize the moment and increase your skills. This is your opportunity to take ownership of your own destiny.

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