When people are asked why they left their last job, the answer often involves a difficult boss. Some are really bad and no one finds it easy to work with them, whilst others simply have some very annoying habits. Sometimes an employee and a boss have a personality clash. If you do consider you have a difficult boss you should try to find out whether the problem lies with you, your boss, or a combination of the two.

Think about whether you seem to have more problems with your boss than your colleagues do. If so, maybe your work styles do not match. If everyone finds this manager challenging, then you are most likely working for someone difficult.

Often the way people treat us says more about them than it does about us. Think about what lies behind their thoughts and actions. Do they chase, bully, react the way they do because they are feeling out of control or inadequate and insecure themselves? Are they being bullied and under pressure from their own boss or clients? Try to empathise with their situation.

While some people may handle disagreements better than others, our natural reaction to conflict is the fight-or-flight reflex. In a conflict situation, the fight reaction can translate into confronting, arguing, yelling, and even shoving or hitting. At the other end of the continuum, the flight reaction causes us to quickly give in to others, leave uncomfortable situations or avoid bringing up difficult issues. Neither fight nor flight behaviours are likely to result in solving the problem that’s causing the conflict. Using the strategies and tips in this chapter can help you move from conflict to problem resolution.

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