You should be clear about your own personal development plan, knowing what activities you intend to undertake and how you are going to make these happen and when. You should look out for opportunities to put them into practice and work with your boss to make them happen. When opportunities arise – grab them with both hands.
A PDP will let you understand yourself better and help you commit to and focus on your personal development/learning and training requirements. It will enable you to identify gaps in your skills and experience and find ways to fill those gaps.
You will reflect on past experiences and focus on learning outcomes; the end product will be that your self-confidence will be boosted and you will have a satisfying and successful career. You can use this personal development plan in your appraisal meetings and to help you in career management.
The PDP helps you to recognise any opportunities that you can take advantage of, as well as any threats that you need to be aware of and mitigate or eliminate. Once you complete it, your motivation and self-esteem will grow through achieving your objectives and goals.
It can be for your eyes (and thought processes) only, or you can share the information with your boss in your appraisal meetings or when you are looking for a pay rise or promotion. It can also help you to put your curriculum vitae together. PDPs can also be linked into the way you add value to your organisation.
The plan does not have to be restricted to work-related personal development and tasks as you can use it for all your life skill areas, being a parent, language skills and many others.
Regular reviews of the PDP are essential to ensure that you are on track and it is still relevant. It should be assessed at least twice a year, and could be built into your formal appraisal system.

Schedule six-monthly reviews of your PDP in your diary and keep it relevant and up to date. In this way you will be sure it matches your wants, desires and career plans. Remember to reward yourself when goals and objectives are met.

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