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Conflict in communication typically comes down to:

Misunderstanding/feeling misunderstood. Even when someone feels like they are communicating well, if the person to whom they’re speaking has a different communication pattern then there may be misunderstanding. With communication tools such as identifying communication patterns and making small communication adjustments, new information can be dispensed in a way that is easy and clear to understand, and the listener can better communicate their understanding.

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Not understanding how others communicate. Miscommunication also comes down to communication patterns. When someone who hasn’t undergone an individual or team communication program, they default to presenting information using their own communication pattern instead of considering the communication pattern of the receiver.

Someone feeling their emotional needs are not being met or are being disregarded. If an employee feels disrespected, taken advantage of, or disregarded, then it may lead to tension or conflict. A better-communicating team lays the groundwork for expressing and understanding needs, which also increases employee engagement and performance.

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