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Your listening skills

When you are listening to someone it is appropriate to listen for at least 80 per cent of the time and speak for 20 per cent. You will speak to clarify your understanding, to show you are listening by paraphrasing, and when the other person asks you for an answer.

Personal assistants(PAs)can become the office game-changers anytime

In today’s business world, you very rarely luck into things. The rise of the gig economy and multiple careers means that personal assistants (PAs) need …

Image, perception and first impressions

Relationship management starts as soon as you meet someone. People make their minds up about each other in the first few seconds of meeting, so it is extremely important to make the right impression. Those first impressions last and can decide whether you get what you want from your meeting and perhaps even make the difference between getting a job or not!

What to know/do during the meeting/event

Arrive early and set up the room (for a big event this could have been done the day before).

Exercises to reduce tension during presentations

Tension can easily build up in the neck and shoulders. A technique to help you is to exercise before you make a presentation.

What to talk about while networking

Get people to talk about themselves by asking them questions. People love to talk about themselves and they will feel they have built a good relationship with you even if they haven’t found out that much about you yet.


If it does, don’t panic. Most new hires are anxious about that first week on the job and it’s a completely normal reaction to have. However, the good news is that there are some steps you can take to not only make it through, but knock it out of the park. Here’s how:

Five Things Most Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You

What’s going through a hiring manager’s mind during an employment interview? The answer may surprise even the most experienced applicants. OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled administrative professionals, has identified five things every job seeker should know about the interview process from the employer’s point of view and offers tips addressing each one.

Myths And Mysteries Of Taking Minutes

Minute taking has changed over the years. The requirements and expectations of the 21st century are very different from the expectations even 10, but certainly 20 and 30 years ago. Here are some points for you to consider about minutes and taking minutes.

Use This Marketing Tactic to Boost Customer Engagement and Get More Sales

I’m sure you’ve seen this message (or something similar) on the bottom of a website when you’re shopping for clothes or a trip: “3 left at this price!” It’s a classic example of a nudge, one designed to get a consumer to make a purchase quickly.