Apps for EAs

Administrative professionals are expected to wear a lot of hats in the workplace. From scheduling meetings to planning travel — even managing social media accounts — it can be tough to keep everything organized.

The good news is, there are multiple apps that can help you better manage your responsibilities. Here’s a look at some of the must-have apps for administrative professionals.

No.AppAvailable onType.
18BaseAndroidPA/EA Application
17AsanaiOS/AndroidWork Manager
16TodoistiOS/AndroidTask Manager
15WeekdoneiOS/AndroidWeekly Planning Tool
14Google AssistantiOS/AndroidComplete Assistant
13ClockifyiOS/AndroidTime Management
12Remember The MilkiOS/AndroidTime Management
11RescueTimeiOS/AndroidTime Tracker
10Edison MailiOS/AndroidMail Organizer
9HoundiOS/AndroidDigital Assistant
8AccompanyiOS/Androidrelationship Management
7ExpensifyiOS/AndroidFinance Management
6CalendlyiOS/AndroidTime Management
5ToggliOS/AndroidTime Tracker
4EvernoteiOS/AndroidDigital Notebook
3DropboxiOS/AndroidDigital Storage
2Any.DoiOS/AndroidDaily Planning