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Clara Capano, a Denver-based business consultant and leadership expert, says one of the biggest challenges her clients face is lack of time. She encourages them to track how they spend their hours using Toggl as a way to try do a self-imposed “time audit” and find waste that can be eliminated.

The old adage, time is money, is true. “You can really see where your time is going, because you need to look at it as an investment,” she says.

The app (available for Android and iOS), which syncs with a desktop version of the program, allows you to track time by project or by client. After just a week of consistent logging, you’ll likely come away with useful insights.

“This helps you become more aware that you’re doing the tasks that are going to lead to the results that you want,” Capano says. And if you aren’t, it could be time to re-prioritize.