The Proactive Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up and Start Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life!)

In business, the advice to “be proactive” is repeated like a sacred mantra. And yet, no one ever bothers to explain exactly what that means or how to do it…until now. 

The Proactive Professional reveals all the missing pieces of the proactivity puzzle and offers a step-by-step actionable framework for becoming proactive at work and in life. 

In these pages, you will discover:

  • The 6 essential cognitive and behavioral skills that define The Proactivity Skillset.
  • Simple proactivity principles and practices you can implement immediately to feel more in control of your work
  • How to take responsibility for your actions and outcomes and set yourself up for success—no matter what comes your way.

If you’re tired of always feeling two-steps behind, perpetually out-of-sync and overwhelmed…it’s time to get proactive. Take action today for a better tomorrow and unlock your potential with the power of proactivity!

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