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HR Essentials

HR Essentials is an entry-level, mid-level HR training course. You’ll learn essential knowledge on area such as recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing and maternity rights. HR Assistant or add a HR specialism onto your current role, our HR Essentials course is a great place to start.

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Is this for you?

It is an ideal beginner’s level HR training course if you’re looking to work as HR Assistant or with a broader role that includes HR functions within the HR Department. It would also suit those who’ve been given responsibility for staff management and development. You may though wish to enroll for Bingo Traders Training HR Assistant Course to ensure you have top level IT and Office skills to accompany your HR expertise, so please discuss this with your (Whatsapp) Training Advisor.


This is a one-day seminar being run by our Newcastle centre. The session can be run at our Newcastle training centre or we can arrange to conduct the session at your business premises if that better suits your requirements.

Within the programme you will cover the following: 

  • Introduction to the programme and each other. 
  • The purpose of an interview.
  • Preparation for an interview – administration, Interview Timetable, Person specification, Interview questions.
  • Preparing for the interview – venue.
  • Structuring the interview. 
  • Opening the interview/collecting information. 
  • Listening skills. 
  • Questioning skills. 
  • Questioning guidance. 
  • Concluding the interview/the future. 
  • The professional approach. 
  • Recap and close. 

About this course

HR is a vital function in any organisation as it’s responsible for , staff training and development, employee relations, Industrial relations and organisational development to name just a few. Working within the HR department is a fulfilling role and it’s essential that those working in this area are knowledgeable, skilled and trained. You’ll be dealing with delicate and confidential matters daily and everything has to be handled correctly, and lawfully.

This course is an excellent starting point for you to learn essential knowledge on areas such as recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing, maternity rights and staff performance appraisals. You’ll work through the course using a fictitious case study company so you can really understand the ins and outs of HR in a business.

So if you’re looking to working as a HR Assistant or add a HR specialism onto your current role, our HR Essentials course is a great place to start.

Along with the Introduction, there are five lessons you’ll work through. 

Lesson One – looks at the role of HR, the recruitment and selection process which includes looking at reasons for recruitment, job descriptions, recruitment methods, interview preparation and handling and more. 

Lesson Two – a key HR lesson which looks at the different types of employment contract, how to prepare for a new employee. How to plan induction sessions, how to keep proper personnel files and data protection. 

Lesson Three – this lessons looks at employee salaries, the National Minimum Wage, how pay is made up, employee benefits, Working Time Regulations, flexible working and the staff handbook. 

Lesson Four – you’ll look into maternity rights, maternity leave and returning to work, paternity and adoption rights, managing and reducing absence, sickness policy, disciplinary rules and procedures, terminating employment and associated tasks.  

Lesson Five – here you’ll look at managing employee performance, appraisals, identifying training needs, planning, implementing and evaluating training, health and safety responsibilities of an employer, careers in HR. “

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