Human Resources (HR) Advanced Training – LT18 / Malaysia

Today Operational line managers manages his or her departments’ manpower and human resources. To a certain degree, many HR related activities needs to be done by them.

At such, it is critical that they understand, and operate within best practice and comply with the Employment law.

This HR for Non HR Managers course highlights the complete employee life-cycle from pre-recruitment to post-termination as well as covering key employment law affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Normal Registration Fee: RM1099 / Course Code: LT18

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Course Outcomes

-identify how HR contribute to organisational success

-demonstrate when to consult with HR as a line manager

-identify the importance of employee engagement and managing the ‘psychological contract’

-identify means of establishing employee performance standards and subsequently monitor and review that performance

Day 1

HR functions in today’s Business Context

Recruitment, Selection Process and HR Planning

Employee Engagement and Managing the Psychological Contract

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Day 2

Malaysia’s Employment Law  and its Applications

Managing Staff Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures

Industrial Safety and Security in an Organization

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