Master HR (Human Resources) Manager Workshop – LT20 / Malaysia

The HR Manager is responsible for all processes relating to the activities and requirements of the staff within the organisation. Their input is critical in determining and developing organisational culture, which in turn drives the improvement of business performance. HR Managers are required to develop, coordinate, and lead Human Resources practices in order to achieve an employee-oriented, successful work environment, which highlights productivity, quality, and ongoing development of the workforce.

The tasks of a competent HR Manager fall within a number of categories, including Recruitment, Remuneration, Administration, Employee Relations, Performance, and Learning and Development. An HR Manager must be capable of striking the correct balance between these areas. Depending on organisational needs, some of these responsibilities may be assisted by other departments, for example, Finance, Facilities, or Marketing. However, the HR Manager is always closely involved in decisions and so must be adaptable in order to work with a number of teams. In addition, the HR Manager must demonstrate strong leadership of their own HR Team and represent HR during meetings and consultations.

This is a two-day HR training course, which aims to train delegates to be able to execute the core responsibilities of an HR Manager. Training will begin with a brief overview of Human Resources itself, before covering HR Policies and Legislation. Thereafter, training will focus on the activities of an HR Manager and the knowledge and skills required to succeed in this role. Achieving this certification will demonstrate the aptitude that recruiters look for in an HR Manager. 

Normal Registration Fee: RM1099 / Course Code: LT20

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Human Resources Overview

  • Definition of Human Resources
  • Objectives of Human Resources
  • The Role of Human Resources in a Business Context
  • Structure of the HR Department

Employment Law

  • Employment Contracts
  • Data Protection
  • Health and Safety Regulations

HR Policy

  • Devising the HR Agenda and Strategy
  • HR Policy Documentation
  • HR Policy Reviews


  • Writing Job Specifications
  • Recruiting from CEO Level to Receptionist
  • The Employee Handbook
  • Inductions
  • Cost Efficiencies


  • Maintaining a Pay Plan
  • Profit and Loss


  • Generalist HR Activities
  • Documentation
  • Starters and Leavers Administration

Employee Relations

  • Support of Disciplinary and Grievance Cases
  • Communication with Employees
  • Conflict Management


  • Development of an Engagement Programme
  • Setting up a Benefit Structure

Learning and Development

  • The Importance of Learning and Development
  • Learning and Development Best Practice
  • Gap Analysis

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