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Professional Receptionist Essentials

The Professional Receptionist Essentials course has been designed to give people the chance of becoming the best receptionist they can be. This course covers the relevant skills that potential receptionists will need, and provides students with scenarios that they may find themselves in. Unlike many receptionist courses, this course focuses on the job, the lifestyle and other aspects that students can expect by becoming a receptionist.

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Is this for you?

This course is ideal for those wishing to become receptionists, and who want to work their way up to being a senior-level receptionist, so please discuss this with your (Whatsapp) Training Advisor.

About this course

If you’re thinking of becoming a receptionist, then our Professional Receptionist Essentials course is a great place to start. The course itself will give you a well-rounded knowledge of what it takes to be a receptionist, and how you can build your skills up to be the best receptionist you possibly can be. 

The course covers everything from the basics, right through to the lifestyle of a receptionist, so you can be sure that you’re covering all bases as you work through it. Within the course, there are lessons that cover things from punctuality and daily tasks, to highlighting the importance of the work/life balance and car sharing. No stone has been left unturned in this course so it’s the perfect starting point on your journey towards becoming an accomplished receptionist.    

Content is not the only positive thing about this course either. As the course is wholly online, you can study wherever and whenever suits you. As always, there will be a Course Advisor on-hand to provide support if you need it. Once completed, you will be given a Pitman Training Certificate to validate the knowledge you’ve gained from the course. 

In this online course there are 4 modules:

Module One ‘Introduction’:  This section of the course will take you through what you should expect as a receptionist. You’ll learn about what the role is, what it entails, and what kind of case studies you may be presented with in your job as a Receptionist. 

Module Two ‘The Role of a Receptionist’: This section covers the basic skills a receptionist needs to have in order to get an entry-level job. Skills you’ll cover in this module will include: ‘Punctuality’, ‘Answering the Phone’, ‘Effective Communication’, and ‘Being the First Face on the Foyer Floor’.

Module Three ‘What Makes a Good Receptionist?’: This section will look at more developed skills that you should try and attain as you become more experienced. Lessons and advice based on ‘Learning Another Language’, ‘Bookkeeping’, ‘Effective Communication’ and ‘Using IT Skills’ are all included in this module. 

Module Four ‘A Receptionist’s Lifestyle’: This section covers areas that a receptionist can expect to happen once they’re in their desired role. Areas such as ‘The Work/Life Balance’, ‘Commuting’ and ‘Flexible Working’ are all covered in this module. 

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