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Making the Change to Working for a Private Company

Are you making a switch with a new job from a public to a private company? Considering a new job in a different industry, and realizing that industry is mostly private, but unsure what the […]

Top 10 Skills for 2022 – Good News for Assistants?

Much of what I see and read about the future of work seems to be doom and gloom. Will AI make the assistant role a thing of the past? As a response to this, I […]

13 Tips for Establishing Healthy Boundaries at Work and in Life

It’s startling to me how things seem to be getting more amazing every year, and until you try something new or different, you don’t realize how much more your happiness can grow exponentially.  If you’ve […]

Make Your Job Doable

Very few people thoughtfully manage the scope of their job. I suggest you do. Reframe the criteria for success There’s no shortage of ways to view your job. At a minimum, there’s what you think […]

Managing Travel for High-Level Executives: Key Differences You Need to Know

Supporting the needs of travelers at any level requires precision, attention to detail, an awareness of safety and grace under fire. There is, however, a level at which expectations begin to shift into an even […]

Tips and Tricks for the Diligent Note Taker

For executive assistants (EAs) and others, note taking can seem like a tedious activity that doesn’t differ far from the Power Point or company hand out. Many executive assistants take notes to avoid missing a […]

Interview Styles: How I Aced A Job Interview Without Selling Myself

My life as a High-Level Assistant for Chairmen/CEOs of Sony, MGM, Fox, & Executive Producers. These are my PERSONAL stories of being a “Jane of All Trades” to Fortune-ranked companies. Welcome, readers! I’ve been on […]