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How Using Live Video Can Boost Your Business Dramatically

Are you using live video in your business? Do you know the benefits of live streaming? Chances are you have social media profiles where you post news and events, but you’re likely not taking the […]

Building A Startup: What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

It’s July 2003 and you’re a sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. You’ve been playing around with a pet project. You’ve got no commercial aspirations for it. It’s just fun to code. It’s a “hot or not” photo […]

This Beats Leaning In to Get Ahead as an Executive Assistant

At the beginning of last year we interviewed Melba Duncan, CEO at the Duncan Group, about managing up and how four simple steps can majorly improve your productivity as an executive assistant and drive the business […]

Confessions Of A Serial Over Thinker

I am a serial ‘over-thinker’.  I anguish, I obsess, I dwell. This ability to use of copious amounts of perfectly good brain cells obsessing over whether I can do X (insert any number of activities […]

5 tips for becoming a Mental Samurai with Rob Lowe

We love all types of puzzles and are particularly excited to hear that Rob Lowe is hosting a new show, Mental Samurai, a mental obstacle course that tests people on their mental acumen while they contend […]

Want to Get 30% More Tasks Done? – Use a Weekly Work Plan

HAVE YOU ever considered how many of your work hours are wasted on multitasking and refocusing your attention after every email and small task? It takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus on a […]

How To Talk to the Employee Who Knows Everything

Have an employee who thinks they know everything? Their answers are always right. They dismiss the opinions of others. And they don’t want to collaborate because their way is the only way. If this sounds […]

You Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss Using These 4 Steps

You have a lot of relationships in your life. But did you know that one of the most important is with your boss? It not only has a big impact on future promotions, but also […]

Business Etiquette Opens Doors – 12 Tips to Boost Your Career Success

Business etiquette is a practical and profitable social skill that plays an important role in career success, building better relationships and increasing professionalism. The ability to successfully relate to and engage with co-workers, clients and […]

Making the Change to Working for a Private Company

Are you making a switch with a new job from a public to a private company? Considering a new job in a different industry, and realizing that industry is mostly private, but unsure what the […]