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5 Self-Motivation Tools for Executive Assistants

If you’ve never seen a Tony Robbins ad, video, or show, it’s worth a Google search. You’ll find stadium size crowds cheering for the one piece of advice to help change their lives through his powerful seminars […]

Handling colleagues who think you are their Assistant (when you are not!)

We’ve all been there, picture the scene. You are sitting at your desk, working hard, you are focused and you have a deadline to meet when a colleague comes up to you, interrupts what you […]

No Box Thinking

How often have you been asked to think outside the box?  Someone comes to you and says they’ve hit a snag, and they need to think outside the box to come up with a new […]

Nobody likes using technology

If you are an engineer, the title of this article may shock (or even offend) you. But if I rephrase, I’ll merely state what’s immediately obvious: people are motivated towards achieving their goals and technology is simply the […]

3 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated Even When Nothing Is Working Out

Have you ever wake up in the morning thinking… What´s the point of this? Why should I keep working when nothing ever works out? Well, youre not alone. From time to time, every one of […]

How Best To Monitor Employee Productivity

As a leader in a business setting, it is important that you are able to monitor employee productivity. You need to make sure that time is being utilized most effectively during the workday. There are […]

Are You Willing to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?

I read the book summary of Hit Refresh recently. It’s an autobiography of Satya Nadella, the third CEO of Microsoft. It tells the story of how the young Nadella was obsessed with cricket and wanted to become a professional player. […]

6 Questions Assistants Should Ask Their Boss

I asked several executives a simple question; “What’s one thing you wish your assistant would do more of?” Every single one of them said the same thing – they wished their assistants were better at anticipating […]

The EA Investment

The economic case for having educated, highly trained and strategically effective EAs Is busy the new stupid? In Ed Baldwin’s popular article, he argues that ‘Busy is the new stupid’. And in a well-publicised interview, Warren […]

Implementing Your Ideas and Taking Initiative as The Innovative Admin

Innovation is a required skill for any administrative professional. You have a unique perspective that allows you to easily see where gaps exist, where mistakes are being made, and – more importantly – how to […]