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Office politics constructive or destructive

Typically, we use the term ‘office politics’ to describe our colleagues’ behaviour (never our own) as scheming and manipulating, whereas when we do it we are building relationships, developing strategies, and communicating!

How important are honesty and integrity to you and your bosses

When mistakes are made many people are reluctant to apologies, fearing that admitting fault will harm their reputation, result in punishment or simply make them look foolish.

Be accountable: take pride in a high standard of work

Tip from Sue Robson: ‘When bosses arrive at the office, either first thing in the morning or when returning from meetings, don’t stop them as they pass your desk to give them their messages and so on. Give them a few minutes to settle in instead of demanding immediate attention. They may have other things on their minds before they are ready to see you.’

Be proactive, anticipate needs, be prepared and exceed expectations

To be a successful assistant you have to be willing, able, flexible and proactive. Think ahead and plan, carry out tasks before they are required, anticipate problems and try to solve them. Use quieter periods to pre-empt requests. Be organised and prepared in advance (including updating and organizing paperwork and files). A successful assistant deals with as much as possible to prevent it landing on the boss’s desk, and endeavors to always exceed expectations.

Zelda La Grange to Nelson Mandela: ‘I Can Hear Your Voice Loud and Clear…’

Zelda la Grange, Madiba’s long-term personal assistant, has penned this must-read letter to the late Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa with whom she worked for two decades of her life…

Assistants & Wellness: “Here are 5 Things You Should Do to Optimize Your Wellness After Retirement”

Be prepared to experience a sense of loss with this transition. Although this may be an exciting and much anticipated change, it is still a change and with change comes feelings of uncertainty. Know that what feels uncertain now will soon enough be your new ‘normal’. As a part of my series about the “…

Personal assistants(PAs)can become the office game-changers anytime

In today’s business world, you very rarely luck into things. The rise of the gig economy and multiple careers means that personal assistants (PAs) need …

Princess Diana’s Assistant Reveals That The Princess Cried Herself To Sleep When Harry Was Born

There are still so many stories about Princess Diana that have yet to be told. In Smithsonian Channel’s documentary, Princess Diana’s “Wicked” Stepmother, former personal assistant and butler Paul Burrell is telling a few.

Ma Anand Sheela(formerly the personal assistant), to be subject of upcoming Netflix-Dharmatic documentary

Ma Anand Sheela, formerly the personal assistant of Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho, will be the subject of an in-production Netflix documentary, …

Woman Tries To Sell Signed Trump Book On Facebook, And The Comments Are Brutal

A woman from Sydney, Australia, got a lot more than she bargained for when she tried to sell an autographed copy of President Trump’s book The Art of the Deal on Facebook.