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Professional image and Appearance

To help build effective relationships, gain respect and encourage people to listen to you, it is important to act professionally and look professional.

Attitude of ‘I really don’t want to go to work today’

When you wake up in the morning you can choose to have a ‘can do’/‘can be’/‘will do’ happy attitude to work, to motivate yourself and say ‘I’m really looking forward to work today and am eager to get started’.

Understand yourself before you try to understand others

In order to build excellent effective relationships and understand others, it is important that you understand yourself first.

Eva Mendes on Being a Stay-at-Home Mom, or Being a ‘Personal Assistant to an Abusive Boss’

When it comes to having kids, we’re all just winging it in the end. Eva Mendes opened up about being a stay-at-home mom in a new interview, and she admitted it’s harder than she expected. We can definitely relate. Hang in there!

Personal assistants are the City’s unsung heroes

Accepting a leadership role has always meant taking on a certain level of stress and pressure. However, evidence suggests that the strain on executives is increasing.

Gunmen murder PA to chairman of Imo assets recovery committee

Gunmen suspected to be political assailants have killed Bruno Uchechukwu, the personal assistant to the chairman of Imo State committee on the Recovery of Stolen Movable Assets belonging to the Imo State government, Jasper Ndubuaku.

Mel B’s Personal Assistant Files Lawsuit for Wrongful Termination and Running Up $200,000 in Debts

The Spice Girl allegedly used Gary Madatyan’s credit card and bank account for furniture, transportation and partying and never paid him back.

The Queen’s personal assistant is writing a book about their friendship

“The Queen and I have a lot of fun together”

The Queen’s right-hand woman is writing a book about their relationship to give the public an inside view of the goings on of the palace.

The handshake and on…

When you first meet your boss, clients or colleagues, you should shake hands in the most effective way as this makes a deep impression on people. You should confidently offer your hand to shake whilst still maintaining eye contact. Good eye contact is paramount

What the boss–assistant relationship means to your health and well-being

It is important to get the boss–assistant relationship right because, emotionally, we are most affected by intimate relationships and power relationships. And the power relationship in your life is with your boss;