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Gossips at work…Constructive or destructive

Almost everyone gossips at some point. The most common definition of gossip is ‘any conversation between two or more people about another who is not present’, and if you have never been in this situation then you must be the only exception! Gossip is difficult to avoid – you have to be aware at all times as you could be dragged into gossiping innocently. You can reduce the likelihood that any gossip will be about you or your work by remaining professional…

Tech vs. Women – A glass ceiling in male-dominated Big Tech is keeping innovating women from making their mark

Parts of the world – especially the online world – are still openly hostile to women. At a time when parts of public life have become more gender balanced, some online spaces have become dark shadows of their real-life counterparts.

Anne Hathaway’s 3 Best Movies According To IMDB

Ever since making her big-screen debut in The Princess Diaries back in 2001, Anne Hathaway has become one of the most popular actresses of her generation. Hathaway earned her first Oscar nomination following Jonathan Demme’s 2008 film Rachel […]

Couple quit jobs, sell home, take kids out of school and travel around the world

Stocks trader Andre and personal assistant Becky quit their jobs, took Rico, 12, and Tiana-Mae, 10, out of school and began the jaunt of all jaunts by …

This military spouse couldn’t find anyone to hire her—so she created a company that would

Michelle Penczak, 32, had a job that she really enjoyed—working as a personal assistant for a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. But there was just one …

Your listening skills

When you are listening to someone it is appropriate to listen for at least 80 per cent of the time and speak for 20 per cent. You will speak to clarify your understanding, to show you are listening by paraphrasing, and when the other person asks you for an answer.

A Perfect E-mail communication

E-mails are easy to send but so difficult to retrieve (if at all), and when writing them you should carefully consider the tone and message conveyed. They must be professional, with correct grammar and spelling.

Your Posture and how to influence the ‘chemistry’ between you

You can use your posture to communicate that you are interested, open, honest and confident. By facing someone, you appear attentive and look as if you are listening to them – particularly when you lean forwards slightly.

Do your hands tell about who you are?

Open gestures such as moving your hands away from your body, resting them on your lap palm upwards or on the desk in front of you, including exposing wrists,…

People don’t respect your ‘personal space’, Then use The ‘influential’ right side

The amount of distance we need is different for each of us, depending on how comfortable we feel when someone is standing in front of us.