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What kind of leader do you want to be?

There are now quite a few of us in the Assistant world running around shouting that you, lovely Assistant, are a leader within your organisation! You may not manage a team, but you do work […]

Fashion in the Workplace

Dress codes represent the “collective selection” that we wear for different “spirits of the time,” as described by Encyclopedia.com. Organizations create dress codes for safety standards or to maintain a specific image. However, when given […]

Why Fashion At Work Matters

love fashion, and I work in fashion, and I used to feel a bit apologetic about both those facts. The idea that fashion is basically nonsense, nothing to do with the real business of life, […]


Want to work from your family room in your pajamas without having to deal with the daily commute? and thanks to technology, telecommuting is easier than ever in the marketing industry. So what are some other […]

A Great Way to Avoid Burnout – Find a Hobby

Did you spend time on your favorite hobby over the weekend? Do you even have a hobby? I pretty much gave up on having hobbies for 6+ years. I was too focused on my role […]


Dread Mondays? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, many employees are in the same boat as you. The question is: should you work to make things better or move onto a different opportunity? Here are […]

Dress your best: How to have a great EA wardrobe

Can you really dress for success? Here at Bingo Traders, we believe there’s certainly no harm in trying.  Whether you’re starting anew or want to refresh your racks, making sure you give off the best impression […]

6 executive assistant tips to make you shine above the rest

An EA’s role is changeable and often hectic. In a position where there’s rarely a set standard to measure yourself against, it’s difficult find a way to shine. However, the following six tips can help […]

What does it mean to be an Open Startup?

What is the Open Startup movement? And is it a good thing? Declaring your company or product an Open Startup is becoming increasingly popular, but what does this mean? What is an Open Startup? The Open Startup […]

Why Build Games for Smart Assistants?

Software developer who created Alexa sleep skill has earned enough money to get a Tesla and start his own company. You can replicate this success too, since major companies open their ecosystems to third-parties. Moreover, it’s […]