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Do your hands tell about who you are?

Open gestures such as moving your hands away from your body, resting them on your lap palm upwards or on the desk in front of you, including exposing wrists,…

People don’t respect your ‘personal space’, Then use The ‘influential’ right side

The amount of distance we need is different for each of us, depending on how comfortable we feel when someone is standing in front of us.

Eye contact while meeting people is the solution

Keeping eye contact makes you appear more confident in almost any situation. in the natural process of talking to someone we do flick our eyes away when we are processing our thoughts.

This is How Other People see your Body Language: Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic

Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the …

Body language…That’s what you need to be careful about

We all interpret body language subconsciously most of the time. Whenever you ‘listen’ to body language you must take everything into consideration and nothing in isolation – attitude, tone of voice,…

Making Connections at Professional Meetings

how to make connections with skill at professional meetings and networking events this year: Shake smoothly. Get off to a great start. Win the name game. Make yourself memorable. Keep it light. Be upbeat. Put down your smartphone. Exit gracefully. Follow up.

Growth in female breadwinners leaves families exposed to financial distress

Women principal wage earners have jumped in number, but families are exposed to financial distress as income protection cover levels remain low

Digital(Virtual) Assistants are Dumb! Go for the REAL One

Digital(Virtual) Assistants are Dumb! Go for the REAL One

Bill Murray hired an assistant who “was deaf” to stop people from contacting

“So he hired a personal assistant who was profoundly deaf, did not have oral speech, spoke only American sign language, which Bill did not speak, nor did anyone else in the production. But Bill said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to learn sign language.’

Women with bosses: Want to be treated like a professional? Be like one

In addition, if you are a virtual assistant, an administrative assistant, or an office coordinator of some type, this immediately tells people you might not …