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How far can your body-language roll play

Your posture, facial expression, eye contact, non-verbal language speak louder than words. People ‘listen’ to body language more than the spoken words. Up to 93 per cent of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal behavior. If you want to mask your true feelings…

Corporate Affairs: Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder At Your Office

Corporate affairs: Here we have listed some of the important office tips which one should opt to work smarter and not harder. Read ahead to know them.

What To Do When Your Virtual Assistant Isn’t Working Out

A good virtual assistant is an amazing help to your online business and can be the difference between stagnant profits and huge growth. Many entrepreneurs can’t survive without them. However, sometimes there are problems that need to be resolved in order for your VA to be the valuable asset you need.

Beware of your assistants, Think twice before giving any job offer!

My Virtual Assistant Tried to Steal $15’000 From Me. Here’s What You Should Know. Anne Powell. I was too trusting and gave my virtual assistants access to a lot. You …

The actor, 36, shared videos of his personal assistant playing an epic prank on him during a recent flight to Tokyo to help him overcome his dry ear issues.

The actor, 36, shared videos of his personal assistant playing an epic prank on him during a recent flight to Tokyo to help him overcome his dry ear issues.

Telephone etiquette at work/life

Answer the phone with a smile on your face. The smile can be ‘heard’ and you will sound happy and pleasant. If you are extremely busy and getting stressed with your work, take a deep breath before you answer the phone to calm you down and make you sound normal and not anxious.

Gossips at work…Constructive or destructive

Almost everyone gossips at some point. The most common definition of gossip is ‘any conversation between two or more people about another who is not present’, and if you have never been in this situation then you must be the only exception! Gossip is difficult to avoid – you have to be aware at all times as you could be dragged into gossiping innocently. You can reduce the likelihood that any gossip will be about you or your work by remaining professional…

Tech vs. Women – A glass ceiling in male-dominated Big Tech is keeping innovating women from making their mark

Parts of the world – especially the online world – are still openly hostile to women. At a time when parts of public life have become more gender balanced, some online spaces have become dark shadows of their real-life counterparts.

Anne Hathaway’s 3 Best Movies According To IMDB

Ever since making her big-screen debut in The Princess Diaries back in 2001, Anne Hathaway has become one of the most popular actresses of her generation. Hathaway earned her first Oscar nomination following Jonathan Demme’s 2008 film Rachel […]

Couple quit jobs, sell home, take kids out of school and travel around the world

Stocks trader Andre and personal assistant Becky quit their jobs, took Rico, 12, and Tiana-Mae, 10, out of school and began the jaunt of all jaunts by …